Bliss Body Oil

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    Cannabliss Body Oil is hydrates and nourishes skin cells leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing. CBD combined with a blend of nourishing herbal ingredients, including Polygonum, Angelica and Ginseng work to: Replenish and restore moisture, Retain youthful tone and texture, and Protect from sun and environmental damage.

    Size: 4.4 fl oz / 130 mL

    COA: Bliss Body Oil Certificate


    How To Use:
    Apply generously on skin to moisturize and soften. Great for soothing sun burns and preventing peeling of skin. Perfect anytime, especially on slightly damp skin.
    Main Ingredients - Almond Oil,Proprietary Boham™ Herbal Extract,Goji Fruit,Grape Seed Oil,Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (87%),Jojoba Seed Oil,Olive Oil